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DVD - Pamplin Heritage

2 Disc Set. Each disc tells part of the history of the Pamplin Family.

The Other Shore

This is the inspiring 1000 year family saga of the Pamplin family; from their Viking roots in Normandy, to their escape to England, and settlement in the American colonies. Along the way the family endured many tragedies and triumphs, surviving to become on of America's premier families. This film is rich with drama and historical recreations sure to bring the American experience to life. 

A Place Apart

It took a rough and determined cadet to endure the hazing and military style discipline of a first year "rat" at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in the 1960s. Follow the riveting journey of Robert B. Pamplin Jr.'s first year at VPI in this true depiction of the corps of cadets and the lessons learned there - honor, loyalty, integrity, and courage.

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